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Originally Posted by BJReplay
@xisdn, can you post your Spa3K settings that got VWMI working?

I've got in the Voice Mail Server field under Proxy & Registration on Line 1, but the little light isn't lighting up.

I can force it to light up by setting Message Waiting to Yes on the Line 1 Tab Supplementary Service Settings - so I know the SPA can tell my phone to turn on the light, but it doesn't seem to turn on when I have a message waiting (I just get the e-mail).

I must be missing something obvious, but I don't know what.
I'm actually out of country so I'm not able to test if my settings are still working on the sipura but when I tested it I did not put anything in the voicemail server field, I just activated the VMWI on the line1 tab and the light started coming up with a 20/60 secs delay after a message was left.
The only things I can tell you is that to make some phones work you have to play a little bit with the VMWI ring splash length to make it work.

I will do some more test as soon as I come back (after May 3rd).
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