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Originally Posted by BJReplay
@xisdn, can you post your Spa3K settings that got VWMI working?

I've got in the Voice Mail Server field under Proxy & Registration on Line 1, but the little light isn't lighting up.

I can force it to light up by setting Message Waiting to Yes on the Line 1 Tab Supplementary Service Settings - so I know the SPA can tell my phone to turn on the light, but it doesn't seem to turn on when I have a message waiting (I just get the e-mail).

I must be missing something obvious, but I don't know what.
You should use <your number> so if your number is 123456. Then you should use at the field voice mail server. That at least was my settings before the guys of changed structure of mwi! So maybe when I return to my home in a couple of days it ain't working anymore but it used to work...
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