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Hi Matt,

Originally Posted by Mallycat
I assume that this dial plan always gets routed to either Voxalot or SIP broker.
My PAP2 is registered to voxalot, so all numbers are sent to voxalot.

Originally Posted by Mallycat
<0011:> xx . this looks to me as if you strip the 0011 off of any 0011 number. Is this what you mean to do? I guess it makes sense because you want the country code followed by the area code and number - which is I guess what you want.
This is just if I dial an international number, yes, the 0011 is dropped.

Originally Posted by Mallycat
#[x*]. not sure what this does!
This is so I can send numbers to specific providers. For example, in the voxalot dial plan I catch all numbers starting with "#1" and send them to astratel. The "#1" is dropped before it is sent to astratel.

I'm still learning, but this works well, any better solutions?

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