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Hi Matt,

Originally Posted by Mallycat
So if I follow Nathanc here, this is what I would propose for a dial plan for my SPA-3000 to use SIP broker for ENUM.
You don't need to use sipbroker directly in the dial plan, voxalot will transparently handle ENUM lookups. Just send all the numbers to voxalot.

Originally Posted by Mallycat
I don't know how to forward the calls to my VSP using a voxalot dial plan if the ENUM fails. Any suggestions?
Because you are sending all numbers to voxalot, you can use the voxalot dial plans to send numbers to any of your providers.

The first thing you need to do is to add providers. Login to voxalot and click on the "Providers" menu; then click "Add" and enter the details of engin, etc.

The second thing is to then click the "Dial Plans" menu. Add a dial plan that uses your chosen provider. The Tutorials step through the process:

I use Pennytel for mobile calls, so the dial plan looks like:
Pattern: _61[4]xxxxxxxx
Replacement: ${EXTEN}
Provider: Pennytel

Thats what I have done and it works fine for me; now whenever I dial a number ENUM is checked and if no record exists the call is placed through the provider.

Thats my basic understanding, please correct me if I'm wrong, hope it helps.

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