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So if I follow Nathanc here, this is what I would propose for a dial plan for my SPA-3000 to use SIP broker for ENUM.

(000S0<:@gw0>|<#9:>xx.<:@gw0>|1[38]00xxxxxxS0<:@gw0>|190xxxxxxx!|13xxxxS0<:@gw0>|<001 1:>xx.<>|<04:614>xxxxxxxx<:@sipbrok>|<0:61>xxxxxxxxx<>|<:612>xxx xxxxx<>|[x*][x*].<>)

Any critiques?

I would like to use VoXaLot and have a gateway set up to route via VoXaLot. I don't know how to forward the calls to my VSP using a voxalot dial plan if the ENUM fails. Any suggestions?

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