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Originally Posted by Nathanc
Hi All,
L:20,S:7,( <0011:> xx . | <04:614>xxxxxxxx | <0:61>xxxxxxxxx | <:612>xxxxxxxx | #[x*]. | [x*][x*]. )

Are there any problems with this dial plan and ENUM lookups?

I assume that this dial plan always gets routed to either Voxalot or SIP broker.

<0011:> xx . this looks to me as if you strip the 0011 off of any 0011 number. Is this what you mean to do? I guess it makes sense because you want the country code followed by the area code and number - which is I guess what you want.

<04:614>xxxxxxxx Add Australian country code to any mobile number - OK.
<0:61>xxxxxxxxx replace the 0 with 61 for any STD number - OK.
<:612>xxxxxxxx prepend 612 to any local call (I assume you are in sydney) - ok

#[x*]. not sure what this does!

[x*][x*]. catch anything else and route it anyway.

Looks good to me!

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