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Default Setting up Dial Plan - help needed

I am nearly there - I just need some pointers on getting dial plans to work.

I have added (<#1,:>[x*][x*].<:@gw1>) to the back of my SPA-3000 dial plan. When I dial #1 *011 xxx all works fine - great!

I know what <#1,:> does, but what does and <:@gw1> but what does [X*][X*] actually mean.
EDIT: OK, I now realise that this means either XX. or **. or X*. or *X. But wouldn't it make more sense to have [X*]X. as why would you ever need **. or X*.?

Can someone please explain how this portion works.

Now I want to leverage the power of ENUM for all my outbound calls. What I want to do is send all calls to VoXaLot and have VoXaLot route the non ENUM calls to Engin for me. So what I did was change the dial plan fragment above to this (XX.<:@gw1>) thinking that any number I dialled would be sent to Voxalot. Now I have 1 VSP set up with voxalot. I set up a dial plan in Voxalot like this _X. => Engin thinking that any number sent to Voxalot would be routed to Engin for me (after the ENUM checkup), but all I get now is the engaged signal.

Can someone point me in the right direction.


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