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Default Skype IN - Skype OUT

Originally Posted by emoci View Post
There is currently no reliable access to do either at the moment...

In the case of Skype...although I have tested access using Net2Max + VoXeo and the SipBroker gateway is accessible....DTMF tones for dialing are not passed...

The gateway should be reachable as a SIP-URI however the information is currently not publically available from VoXBone...

I have tested SIP access to Net2MAX PABX --> VoXeo and the PBXes. It works with DTMF.

I call SIP URI from Voxalot Speed Dial. Use Web Phone (899050xxx) or Net2Max 1CC number.
You can use IP adress too. I use it from my ATA, D-Link DVG-1402S.
Important in Net2MAX Web PABX is Voice Greeting Sequence: dial 8990001

Define Short Cuts in Web Dialer for SkypeUser (899099SkypeUser) or dial SkypePhoneNumber (899099xxxxxxx).
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