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Originally Posted by wishfull View Post
It's starting to get frustrating, when I dial using PSTN access, I get the announcement but just a fast busy when I dial Gizmo #. I have tried it straight 1-747 and *7471-747 method. Even when I dial using eziDial from my hpone rings and then busy tone. Can anyone please shed some light on this. Nothing changed no can call me and others (friends and family) using PSTN access numbers. I've tried New York, Vancouver, Abbotsford, Surrey.... Please help
There seems to be an issue with Gizmo numbers...

The suggestion has been made that Gizmo may have blocked VoXalot and SipBroker IPs for the moment....

It is not clear why just yet and it has been rather hard getting in touch with anyone at Gizmo
See: Gizmo5 - voip - Make free internet calls from your mobile phone and computer and
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