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1. CallBack Service
Flavor 1 (probably relatively easy to set up): Set 2-3 shared DIDs that can be called worldwide (it really doesn't matter where they are, since the call won't be charged anyways). If caller ID matches a pre-specified list entered by the user(s), trigger a callback to that number.
Flavour 2: Dedicated CallBack via one of the users own DIDs. The user has the choice to specify a list of authorized Caller IDs and setup a dedicated number to callback if no Caller ID is passed through. Even neater if the user could set up multiple of these CallBack scenarios with various DIDs that the user controls and has registered with VoXalot.

2. CallThru/VoXRoam Service
Flavour 1 (probably easiest to set up): Currently I can call any SipBroker number, enter *010*500, enter my 6 digit VoXalot number and my pin, and check my VoiceMail. Imagine I could do the same, enter let's say *010*800, enter my VoXalot number and pin, and have a dialtone that'd let me dialout using my VoXalot acct.
Flavour 2 (probably would need to do dome limited testing first to make sure it doesn't interfere with anything else): Users specify a list of authorized Caller IDs for CallThrough. When any of these phones with the Specified CIDs calls any SipBroker access number, they're automatically presented with a dialtone that allows them to use their VoXalot acct. for outgoing calls.

3. Enhanced Call Forwarding


Here is what I'd like to see one day under the Call Connection/Call Forwarding Page in VoXalot:

Matching Rules

Provider: DropDown Menu
Any Provider
Provider 1
Provider 2
Provider 3

Special String: DropDown Menu
Specify String (Allows user to enter a string)
*Only Available when an actual provider is chosen
*I'll explain the idea behind this below

Caller ID: DropDown Menu
Has No Digits
Specify Number (Allows option to enter string in a format similar to Dial Plan field eg. _1416x. )

Time Rules
As it is right now

Handling Logic

Action: DropDown Menu
Forward (this is regular forwarding as it works right now)
Forward when No Registered Device (this forwards only if no devices are registered with the VoXalot acct.)
Forward with Delay (this forwards only after a specified Delay in seconds, during which it rings any registered devices)
Call Forking (This rings registered devices while also ringing up to let's say 3 other destinations the user has specified, the first to answer takes the call)

Connect To:
As it is right now

Matching Rules
By allowing users to separately specify a Provider and Caller ID, not only do you allow routing based on either Provider or Caller ID, but also a combination of both eg. Calls coming in via VBuzzer from callers with CID starting with 1416 ...

Handling Logic

Call Forward when No Device Registered ensures that calls are forwarded when no devices are registered with the VoXalot acct.

Forward with Delay means that the devices registered with the account will be allowed to ring for x amount of seconds before the call is forwarded.

Call Forking would be a neat feature that allows both the ATA and up to a few other destinations (usually phones) to ring simultaneously (eg. VBuzzer has a nice implementaton of this for example), with the first to answer taking the call. I am not quite sure what the possibilities are in terms of coding for this feature though. One other issue/request this feature may prompt is a need to look at Caller ID passthrough ...for providers that support it of course

The Special String

Some providers, among which VBuzzer, BroadVoice etc. send calls to VoXalot in the incorrect format Username-with-Provider@VoXalotIP ...

From my understanding, currently when a call comes in to user@VoXalotIP, the server checks 'user' against a list of VoXalot accounts and then delivers the call. It also means that these incorrectly routed calls will never make it to the right place...

If it would be possible to have the server check first against "The List of Accounts" and if failing to match, against a "List of Special Strings" which will actually be usernames with these problematic providers.

Then provided a Special String is matched, and considering the provider the call is being delivered by, the call can be routed to the correct acct. (of course correct routing will only be possible if a Call Forwarding rule is set up for that provider in order to specify the Special String)

I know that uses something along these lines to overcome this incorrect routing problem with certain providers, by allowing you to set inbound rules matched by the username of the provider in question ...

Again, the intricacies of implementing this can be few or many... what I would suggest is that one of you guys grabs a free PBXes acct., since they have lately made it possible to view the Sip Config Files underlying each account... who knows something may jump out when you take a look at the implementation there...
4. Options under Advanced Provider settings
-Add CallerID field to allow users to set their name
-Add Outbound Proxy field
-Add a field or introduce a variable that can be entered in the 'From User' field to allow transparent CID. Although these providers are rare, some will pass on any CID that is passed on to them. These providers are ideal for Call Forwarding since you can see the caller ID of the actual caller even when forwarding to a phone for example. So, if there was a variable that would insert into the 'From User' the Caller ID of the incoming caller that'd be cool (although use would be limited to very few providers).

5. Extensions or Extension Accounts
One major issue that comes up is simultaneous registration of mutliple ATAs to the same account. One easy solution is to allow each VoXalot account up to 5 (or less) extension/alias accts. with which ATAs could register, and where calls can be forwarded via the Call Forwarding rules. We could also add a field to the Smart Call/Dial Plan similar to the check-filed there is for Virtual Toll Free, where users can enable/disable certain outgoing rules for these extensions.
The general idea being that VoXalot acct 123456, could have alias accts. 1234561, 1234562, 1234563, 1234564, 1234565 to use.

6. Add Provider Names, rather than a numeric identifier in the tooltips for Call Records

Well, that's all that comes to mind at the moment ...
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