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Originally Posted by ataboy View Post
Well, actually I'm on VoxLite, not VoxBasic, but what you are telling me about maintaining my id is good news. Can I just confirm the situation: if I let VoxLite expire and then order VoxPro I just pay $25, but my VSP details are still on record? Also, If I were to export my dialplans etc. before letting my account lapse, then could I import them to my new VoxPro account without having to reinstall each one manually?
It is your subscription that is expiring, not your account. Your provider details will continue to remain in your account... you just won't be able to register them (which is what the subscription is used for).

You are mixing your metaphors a little... you don't sign up for a "VoxPro account", but rather you sign up for a "VoxPro subscription for your Voxalot account". Does that help explain things a bit?

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