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Originally Posted by loraolo View Post

As you could check I joined with voxalot service with a VoxLite account on July, 30th last year. Then, on Sep 3rd, 2007 I upgraded to VoxPro.

Now the renewal subscription reminder tell me that my premium account will expire in 7 days ...

Could you check it and extent the reminder to the voxpro upgrade expiration as per your post on the forum?


This appears to work like this:

Since you were originally in VoXLite, when you upgraded you bought a VoXUpgrade package (not VoXPro), giving you a total of 6 registrations (1 from VoXLite, 5 from VoXUpgrade)

So you have two packages at the moment:
VoXLite (which is expiring)
VoXUpgrade (still has a while to go)

Here's the catch, VoXUpgrade will continue to be in your account for the rest of the time left, but cannot be used, unless combined with either VoXLite, VoXPro or VoXExtreme

So your choices are:
-Renew for a VoXLite (1 reg) now, then renew again in September for your VoXUpgrage (5 reg)
-Renew now to a VoXPro (5 reg), and you'll have VoXUpgrade until Sept. with another 5 reg (for a total of 10). When VoXUpgrade expires in Sept., you'll be left with VoXPro (5 registrations)

There is one more catch, if you want to take the second option, you'll want to wait until VoXLite expires, and your Account reverts to VoXBasic before upgrading to VoXPro (no information will be lost, but for providers registered for incoming calls, expect some downtime in terms of incoming calls while you make the switch)....

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