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Default Voxalot DID problems - DIDWW


Ive been experiencing this problem with a DID forwarded to my voxalot account from DIDWW.

When the DID is called, sometimes the phone rings, and sometimes the phone wont ring, even though the caller hears the ringing. Well is this a common problem? I have a few PAP2 on the same router making outbound calls from a particular provider and wanted this inbound line, for which I signed up with voxalot for.

When you enable nat settings on the pap2 with the symetric nat on yes on voxalot the phone rings, but when you pick up, there is no audio.

When nat is disabled on the pap2 and the symetric nat is put to yes on voxalot it seems to work ok, the phone rings and there is audio.

But the thing here is nothing is 100%. It just stops working or the phone stops ringing just like tht after a while or so, and starts ringing again.

Would appreciate some feedback form voxalot support on this.

Thank you,
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