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Originally Posted by wildbill
This is my voxalot dial plan
1 _xxxxxxxx 617${EXTEN} sipme - for local Qld
2 _1777xxxxxx ${EXTEN} sipme - inter sipme
3 _0[2348]xxxxxxxx 61${EXTEN:1} sipme - for australia calls
for the above 3 in Enum replace - ${EXTEN}

The test button shows the correct number being redirected or Enum lookup but nothing happens on PSTN onforwarding - Bill
Try changing just 3 to:

Pattern: _0[23478]xxxxxxxx (note the addition of 7 for 07)
Replacement: ${EXTEN}
Provider: Sipme
ENUM Replacement: 61${EXTEN:1}

Then dial your PSTN number using the area code 07 prefix. We'll work out the rest later.
Lee of Melbourne, Australia.
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