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Default VoiceMail and ENUM problem

A friend and I are both experiencing the same VoiceMail problem. The details are:

* We both have a Billion 7404VGP
* The Billion VoIP port is registered to VoXaLot
* The VoXaLot account has two providers, SIPME and PennyTel
* We both have an ENUM record at e164 in the form,
* We have both setup VoiceMail at VoXaLot

If we ring each others VoXaLot number, ie. dial the 123456 number, then VoiceMail cuts in after several rings as it should. However, when we ring each others PSTN phone number, VoiceMail never cuts in... instead we eventually get a number unavailable tone.

As the ENUM lookup (when the PSTN number is dialled) is just sending the call to the VoXaLot number, why the difference? Why isn't VoiceMail cutting in when we ring each others PSTN number?

It has us stumped.
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