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Originally Posted by emoci View Post
I believe it is less about competing with SipBroker and more about the upcoming opportunity to be the terminator of choice for Telcos.
I agree for first part. Voxbone has two potential revenue-sources: termination-fees and PSTN indial.

The first option will however only work of other telco's agree to accept calls to +883 5100. However, as do I do not see any economic motivation for them to do so, I fear this will go the same way as the +3883 (ETNS).

So, for the moment I see the "dialin" system as their main source of revenue.

Concerning, voip calls, the main problem I have with iNum, is that the fact they are building a system next to the already existing one, confuses people.

The big advantage of telephone-numbers is its clearity: You give somebody your phone-number and everybody knows how to reach you, by whatever network, anywhere in the world.

As a voxalot user, we now now only have a sipbroker ID (*010xxxxx) and a E164 number: +882 99 ... ( and now an additional +883 5100 ... (inum). (PWD-users even have an additional +878 UPT-number).

In essence, this is not a really issue, as long as all numbers work in all circumstances.
However, that's not the case: the sipbroker and numbers will work in some cases, the inum-number only in some other cases.

This confuses things. 99.999 % of the population has no idea what the differences is between sipbroker,, UPT and iNum. They just expects a telephone(number) to work, in all cases.
If inum would have used, that would have been the case.

On that note, I also suspect that not getting listed in was not mean-spirited just an indication of the red-tape involved to get there.
The description of the procedure is here:
ENUM IAB Instructions

(see also The RIPE NCC to Sign the (ENUM) Zone - News & Announcements from the RIPE NCC)

Cheerio! Kr. Bonne.
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