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Originally Posted by emoci View Post


At the moment creating a specific Dial Plan rule within VoXalot only gets in the'll need to adjust your ATA dialplan instead to remove the 6 appropriately...

I'm afraid that's not easily done as my entire Dial Plan design is based on the ATA prefixing everything it sends to Voxalot with a digit (0 - 9), except for things with a leading asterisk (i.e. Sip Broker and Speed Dial numbers). My PAP2 Dial Plan is:


This allows simple dialing to go to my primary VoIP provider for PSTN calls (default prefix 0), or to specify an alternate provider or destination by enterning #n first (#6 is Voxalot). Most #n combinations are already in use, including #8.

Assuming there is going to be support for iNum via Voxalot as a provider in the near future, I'll hold off as I'm very happy with the flexibilty I have with my current Dial Plan design.


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