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How does Voxalot determine that an outgoing call is to be routed via iNum? I don't find a Sip Broker *Code for iNum. Does Voxalot assume that any dialed number starting with 883 is an iNum number and pick it off? If I simply dial the iNum echo test (883510000000091), I get a fast busy. I've tried various Dial Plan entries to ensure that any number starting with 883 was routed to Voxalot as the provider, but that also gets a fast busy or "Your call could not be connected". Would you please elaborate on how iNum numbers are detected and handled, and what, if anything, we have to have in our Dial Plans to support them?

Inbound calls to my Voxalot number from an iNum PSTN access number or Sip Broker PSTN access number work fine.

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