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Originally Posted by travisnj View Post
I have setup and configured Voxalot;

Voxalot registers with Gafachi;

Here is the registration data that Voxalot registers with Gafachi:
Registration Address:
Expiration: 3795 seconds from now
Contact: sip:19XXXX53436@
xxxx=I removed for privacy

The problem is that if you dial that SIP URI it will fail; why is Voxalot using more than 6 digits (adding 53436) to register with the VSP?

This causes all calls to be handled with error and not terminated.

Any help would be great.
1. Which VoXalot server are you using?

2. Are you sure that you do not have an ATA or SoftPhone registered with Gafachi directly? ( doesn't seem to correspond with any of the VoXalot servers?)

3. Is 19xxxx53436 the same as your username with Gafachi by any chance?
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