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Question Visibility of Gizmo Project contacts which are at Voxalot?

Hello friends,

I have some Gizmo Project accounts registered at Voxalot. Voxalot shows them as "Registered". So everything seems to be fine and I should be able to call them. However when I start Gizmo Project on a Nokia N810, a Nokia E61 or the Gizmo project softphone on a laptop I always see them as offline. Why is that?

Shouldn't they be shown as online, because Voxalot is logged in?

Even more crazy: I can call them when I type their Gizmo names in the field. The calls go through and sound good. But it would be much easier to be able to just click on their icon. But the regarding icon is grey (=offline) and should be green (=online).

Any ideas?

Thanks a lot.
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