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Default UPT (+878) Enum numbers


While surfing the net, I just noticed that last year, FWD (one of the other "voip for all" organisation out there) has received a block in the +878 10 block (+87810.1.393.xxxxxx) for their users.

This would be a great advantage over the +828 99 enum-numbers voxalot uses as the +878 10 block is an official "Universal Personal Telecommunications" numbering-sceme from the ITU and is part of the enum-root and the conflict between voxalot and the ITU over their use.

Perhaps it would be interesting for voxalot to look into a simular possibility. Either, just acquire a complete block from (the organisation that manages the +878 10 block).

I'm not asking for voxalot to offer the services for free, especiall as one can acquire UPT-numbers directly from enum2go themselfs (at 12 GBP annualy).
But if voxalot manages to acuire a bulk block from them, it might also be possible to get a reduction for voxalot-users for one of these numbers.

I personally would prefer an "offical" UPT-number over the +828 99 numbers which are a bit "troublesome" due to the conflict with the ITU and telenor and am willing to pay for it, if needed.

Just my 2 eurocents of thoughts.

Cheerio! Kr. Bonne.
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