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Default Suggestion: Fallback service

At the moment, I set up my landline as part of a ring group on pbxes and registered pbxes to This is really useful because if my internet connection/PAP2/power/ goes down then I can still receive calls from my DID on my landline.

The only snag is that it has to ring all the time and I only want it to ring when the connection is actually down.

I am going to suggest that voxalot offers a fallback service where calls can be routed to a phone number via a selected vsp if there are no devices registered to voxalots servers. Or even better, a specified voxalot server.

I don't think this would take much to implement as it could be a part of the existing call forwarding service options. e.g. if there is no device connected to then forward to XXXXXXXXXX via
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