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Originally Posted by wmp
Is it possible to forward calls to a pstn or mobile number using a Provider?
If I'm not mistaking, the current status is that you can only forward incomming calls to a SIP URI. So the answer would be, "not at this time".

However, there has been some discussion about letting Voxalot users "forward" incomming calls via a "provider" they have on the Voxalot web portal. No ETA yet on when that feature will be rolled out, but it has been discussed as a possible "upgrade". At such time as we do allow you to forward via your provider list, than yes you would be able to forward to a PSTN number (by using a provider that allows PTSN calls). Obviously, even after that feature becomes available, you will have to "pay for the call" when doing this (i.e. pay your chosen provider to complete the "PSTN call" used by the "forward").
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