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Originally Posted by boatman View Post
I did notice however (even through it would be an easy test to do before posting) that you didn't test to see if your caller ID stopped working whenever your previous STUN settings are used.
If you read my post you'll know that I made no association between setting a new STUN server and resolving the caller ID issue when I initially changed that setting. Rather, I was simply trying to get outbound calls to terminate properly and had run across a recommendation to change the STUN server to the betamax one as a possible resolution. Consequently I don't even recall what the STUN server was previously set to, so I have no way to run the test you're proposing. But as I said, apart from changing the voxalot server I'm using (which I changed back last night after it became clear that using the alternate one had no effect on call termination), that is the only configuration change I made last night. Thus I presume changing that value may have had some effect on caller ID. My understanding of VOIP is still rather sketchy though, which is why I present this as a solution only tentatively.


PS My contribution to the older thread under discussion was merely an attempt to troubleshoot my caller ID problem: the only resolutions presented there were those suggested by others, but they did not cause caller ID to begin working for me again.

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