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Originally Posted by max View Post
My SIP provider does not let me to have an account, I have to have at least one letter in it like
How could I use SIP Broker to peer to
IMHO a good way to deal with this issue, is to create a SIP Broker alias for your account, and then give out the SIP Broker alias to other SIP Broker users that want to call you for free.

To use your example, assume your existing VoIP account (to reach you at your current provider) was, and you want to make it so others can easily call you via SIP Broker. In that case you would:

1) Go to the main SIP Broker page ( ) and click on the "register" link (on the right). That link will take you to a page to create a new SIP Broker account (most SIP Broker features don't require an account first, but this one does, so create the account). For what you will be using the account for, you will NEED to make your chosen userID exactly match what your provider uses for incomming calls (in the example we are working with, that means you should pick as your userID). You can make your password anything you like (i.e. the password doesn't have to match what you use with your other provider), but you NEED to match the SIP Broker UserID with where you want incomming calls to be sent!

2) Now that you have a SIP Broker account, log into that account, and configure it for an inbound "alias". This is done by going to the "alias" section of the web page you get when you log in (it's near the bottom of the web page, so scroll down). You will see two a "Country" drop-down box, and a "SIP Broker Alias" field you will need to fill in.

3) For the "Country" drop-down, just choose the Country that corresponds to the telco "country code" you wish to have people use when dialing. If you like you can fill in your actual country here (so that alias dialing matches your telco dialing), but this isn't needed. If you want to "keep it simple", than just leave the "Country" at "United States" (the default) even if you live in a different country. If you pick "United States" (the default), than your alias "country code" is only the digit 1 by itself (so it's short and easy to remember).

4) In the "SIP Broker Alias" box, put in any number (of any length of digits) that aren't already in use for a SIP Broker alias of another user (if it is used, the web site will give you a warning when you try to "save", and ask you to pick a new alias/number). Many people like to use their actual telco phone number for their "SIP Broker Alias" (to make it easy to remember), but this is totally optional, as you can use any number at all that you like (as long as it isn't already "in use").

NOTE: Don't forget to press the "Save" button, to tell SIP Broker about these alias changes.

5) Next figure out what SIP Broker dialing sequence is needed to reach your alias. This is done by just putting the three parts of the dialing together: Part #1) Alias dialing always starts with *011, Part #2) Next comes the telco "country code" that matches which "Country" you chose in your alias (in the case of the default "United States" this is just the single digit "1"). Part #3) Finally the actual "SIP Broker Alias" number is used (which was 123456 in the example). So (in this example) the SIP Broker alias dialing (that can be done by any SIP Broker users, including those using the PSTN access numbers) would be:
i.e. *011 tells SIP Broker we have an alias, 1 is the country code (if United States was picked), followed by an actual alias of 123456.

The idea here, is that you setup a SIP Broker alias for reaching your adapter, and that "alias" will be fully numeric (except for the initial *-key) to SIP Broker callers (so SIP Broker users can use a normal phone to dial your alias, even if/when your provider's inbound address contains letters). Then, when someone dials your SIP Broker alias (via SIP Broker,or one of the many SIP Broker "peers"), SIP Broker will match that alias to what you used for the "UserID" of your SIP Broker account, and send the call to that location instead. If you used the inbound SIP URI of your provider (i.e. your internet address for receiving phone calls) as your SIP Broker "UserID"), than anyone dialing your SIP Broker alias (via SIP Broker) will instead ring your phone (as SIP Broker will redirect the call your VoIP provider's inbound address)!
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