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I am not an expert, but here are a few things that I use SIP Broker for.

The PSTN numbers listed as access numbers like +371 67652206 for Riga are normal phone numbers that people who do not have VoIP to call people that do. Someone in Riga could call this phone number then enter the SIP-Broker code for your VoIP provider and then your number and your VoIP phone should ring.

If I look up your VoIP provide QSC in SIP-Broker it returns the number *669.
See here

So a person in Riga could call 67652206 (leaving off the 371, which I presume is the country code/area code for Latvia). When it answers they could enter *669nnnnnnn where nnnnnn is your account number at QSC. For the cost of a local call people without VoIP can call a person with VoIP anywhere in the world.

Note that it appears that QSC may not allow external SIP calls and there is a red icon next to their code in SIP-Broker so this may not work in your case.

SIP-Broker also allows me to assign a number that can be dialed that is assigned to my URL. This allows people to call me through a SIP-Broker code even though my VoIP provide does not allow external SIP calls. I can do this because my ATA supports direct IP Dialing.

SIP-Broker also works closely with VoXaLot which is a VoIP provider that allows you to register with them and VoXaLot can then register with multiple VoIP Providers for you if you have multiple accounts. You can then have VoXaLot choose a diferent provider depending on the number called and the least cost provider for the specific call. Using VoXaLot and SIP-Broker codes you can call people on other VoIP providers for free.

I hope this helps a little. There is a lot of information on the VoXaLot and SIP Broker pages that explain things in more detail.

Regards. MG.
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