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Default Using Voipdiscount and Voipstunt


I've ben trying to use Voipdiscount and Voipstunt as my providers to place both legs of a web callback call. It doesn't work!!

I know that most providers would not allow two calls to be made at the same time, and that's why I even set up two different accounts with Voipstunt.

Both providers work independetly, for just one leg of the call, the other one being with some other provider (like FWD, Stanaphone...), but they won't work together.

I tried using them in diffferent couple:
Voipstunt-1 and Voipstunt-2
Voipstunt-1 and Voipdiscount
Voipdiscount and Voipstunt-1

Nothing works. Now, one thing I can think of is that both providers are owned by the same company, but can this really be the cause for them not bridging?

Anyone has the same experience?

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