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Default Need to use an alternate SIP Port, (due to Apple's iChat already using Port 5060...)

Does anybody know of a method of altering Voxalot's SIP Port to something other than 5060?

Apple's iChat uses Port 5060 by default, and as a direct result I cannot leave my Voxalot-configured-ATA switched ON, while also wishing to have a session of iChat running at the same time.

MyNetFone allow you to 'change' your preferred SIP Port to anything you desire, (via your User Account Settings once you have logged into your Account on their website), but so far I haven't managed to find anything in my Account Settings within Voxalot's 'site for performing the same function...

Even if I attempt to assign a different SIP Port within my ATA, the device will still authenticate and 'go online', but when I check the status of my 'Device Registrations' within my Account, I can see that Voxalot has nevertheless forced my ATA to sit tight on Port 5060...

Any ideas, anyone?
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