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Originally Posted by mercator View Post

As the Betamax service is not working anymore, would it be possible to get it working "indirectly"? Let me explain:
- I have FRitz!Box running all that time connected to voxalot.
- This box also is connecte to a Betamax service (voipcheap)
- Would it be possible voxalot makes calls indirectly through my Fritz!Box to voipcheap by asking my Fritz!Box to establish the connection?
If the "Fritz!Box" can function as a SIP proxy, in the same way that OpenSER, etc, can, then I think it would be possible.

In fact, I've been thinking that perhaps I should put FreeBSD plus OpenSER on an old laptop and use it as a kind of "VoXaLot filter" - something that goes in between VoXaLot and the VSP or ATA that otherwise doesn't work with VoXaLot.

This could solve a range of incompatibilities:

- providers that block VoXaLot.

- providers that block all SIP traffic from outside their domain.

- ATAs that don't like "lr=on" in the "Record-route" header.

- Providers that don't terminate the last line of the SDP body with a CR LF (and/or phones or ATAs that don't accept such SDP bodies)

- Providers that ignore or don't correctly use the URI in the "Contact: " header in SIP REGISTER messages (for whatever reason).

(added 2007-04-01: )
- Providers that require a peculiar, private "domain" in the request URI (ie, the part to the right of the "@").

- various other permutations of SIP implementation that cause incompatibilities in some way.

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