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Default Does Voxalot support the NORTEL H.264 IP 1535 (NTEX02BAE6) SIP VIDEO PHONE?

Hi All

I was looking at the inexpensively priced NORTEL H.264 IP 1535 (NTEX02BAE6) SIP VIDEO PHONE WIFI and was wondering if Voxalot would support it, particularly its Video conferencing features.

I know I have got Voxalot to do a eyeBeam to eyeBeam Video call between two Voxalot accounts, but I'm not sure if it would support a Voxalot to Voxalot call between two hardware video phones. (two Nortel IP 1535s)

The Nortel IP 1535 apparently is supported by "Supported on multiple SIP based PBX (SipXecs, MCS 5100, etc).", based on one eBay seller's product description.

If this phone wouldn't work, does anyone know of any hardware based video phone that will?


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