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Originally Posted by richard View Post
Hi Emoci

By removing the dial plan rule (which says to route the specific extension via Voxalot) solved the problem, so it appears as you said that Voxalot to Voxalot calls shows as Private.

Is this a bug?

Removing the rule in one case works as the Voxalot number my Dad is calling does not conflict with any other rules, but my Mom's Voxalot number on the other hand begins with "41" which conflicts with rules to numbers to the 416 area code via Betamax. If I remove the rule to send her extension via Voxalot, then it will go via Betamax (which I don't want)

I will have to use the *01041XXXX solution until this Voxalot to Voxalot CID issue is resolved. Or maybe sending it to *010 via a rule might work. Yet to try this.


Make a rule along these lines (and give it a high priority ...rg. 1):

Pattern: _xxxxxx
Replacement: *010${Exten}
Provider: Sip Broker (notice I did not choose VoXalot...but SIPBroker)

So your parents still dial only 6 digits ... but the Dial Plan takes care of the rest...
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