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Originally Posted by madako View Post
Well thanks for your information, but my understanding from the way i read about ENUM is that,
A- You can call a PSTN line even if the callee is not on the internet as long as the line is registered with enum database and active
B- To do so you or me the caller must have an active enum acount number.
Once registered, any call from voxalot My questions are:

1. How can I link my PSTN number to my voxalot account so that anyone using ENUM can call me for free? and vice versa.
All ENum does is link your regular PSTN number to a SIP URI like

So if you add your number to the registry and link it to SIP URI, that's all you do.

Now when someone calls your PSTN number, if they are using a VSP that supports ENum lookups (these VSPs will check the ENum lists for any number you dial, if they find a listing, instead of calling the number they'll call from the example above). Now the call is completely routed over the internet so there is no cost. One downside is that anyone that uses ENum lookups will now only ring you on the VoIP line, the actual PSTN line will no longer ring when an ENum call comes in (there is ways to address this issue if your VSP provider supports it, eg. setting your VoIP line as DND will cause ENum to tell your VSP that although there is an ENum listing, the line is not available, so it should try the regular PSTN line)

Now for you to call ENum numbers for free, all you need is VoXalot account and a dial plan within that account that has ENum lookup set to Yes. To call ENum numbers from your regular PSTN number, call one of the SipBroker Access Numbers (assuming there is a SipBroker Access Number local to you, and you are not charged for local calls), then enter the number you want to call if full International format CountryCode-Number, or *013-Country Code-Number

In summary: ENum can provide free calls between VoIP users. Where PSTN comes into play is that instead of giving out or, you give out your regular telephone number which people are more familiar with. If these VoIP users call the number (and their provider is doing ENum lookups) they'll reach you on your VoIP line. Since the call remains completely within the internet it is free.

Hope that clarifies ENum a little bit. So ENum's usefulness is dependent on people registering their numbers and having a VoIP presence online to which to receive ENum calls.

Hope that clarifies things a bit....
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