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Default changing server on voxalot website


since the introduction of the new European server I'm sure may of us have decided to change our registrations to it. Therefore we all must have noticed a message saying:

You can not change preferred servers while you have registered providers. Please change the SIP Register field to No for each provider and try again.

Now, in my case it would be a matter of changing that setting to some 30+
providers, which coudl be done but it's made all more difficult by the need to enter the password for each provider before a change can be made.

For this reason I'm basically giving up on changing my registrations form the US to the European server! Which is a real pity!

It would be great to introduce a feature (I know you guys are really busy with your current priority list) that would automatically unregister all registered providers. That way a user could go on and change the registration server and then automatically re-register all providers.

Just my personal wish!

Great work so far!
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