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Originally Posted by scaev View Post
First, it confines the service to a predefined list of SIP operators. Any operator/end user who wants to be accessed via SIPBroker has to register with it.
An end user can add a SIP Proxy link to SIP Broker. No need to wait for the VoIP provider to add it for you.

NOTE: This feature does require a (free) SIP Broker account to do, and is only doable from the web site.

Originally Posted by scaev View Post
But if I know Jonh's SIP URI only in alternative form I would be unable to call John using SIPBroker service.
Correct, there is currently no option for such translation via SIP Broker. And we are aware of this limitation.

So if your provider only lets you call someone via keys not on the normal phone pad (and you are correct that some VoIP providers do have this limitation) you might be SOL with just SIP Broker.

However, you should be able to add a translation for such "non-numeric" entries into the dial plan of Voxalot, if you setup a free Voxalot account (instead of using SIP Broker directly). Perhaps more work to setup than just using SIP Broker directly, but is is an option that may let you call the people you want to call.
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