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Default Additional Name Servers Now Online

We have realised for a long while that more geographically diverse name servers were important to keep lookup times to a minimum, but our attempts at getting suitable secondaries has been the limiting factor so we finally decided to fund out of donations and advertising a new server in the UK, this will hopefully reduce the lookup times for the UK, Ireland and most if not all of Western Europe.

Because of where undersea cables are laid, this seems to have reduced the lookup times for those in Africa to less then half what they were a few weeks ago.

We also added a name server in Australia which should help lookup times for Australia, New Zealand and some parts of Asia and the Pacific Island nations.

Ideally we would like to have 2 or more name servers per continent, we don't think there is much demand in Antarctica so we'll just settle for the other 6 continents, North and South America, Europe, Pacific Island nations, Asia and Africa.

We have received numerous offers for hosting our zone, for which we are very grateful for the offers, however we have some unique needs and we've put our current criteria for consideration on our wiki:

Infrastructure - Wiki
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