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Default Dial Plan / ENUM / 13 Numbers Question


I'm sure I've had this working in the past, but for some reason I can't figure it out now (probably because it's Friday night!).

I have iinet setup in Voxalot, and a dial plan set up so that calls to 13 numbers (e.g. 132265) do an enum lookup. Because enum returns the number in the format 61386419083 (which iinet doesn't understand), I have another rule that strips the 61 and adds a 0 to any number beginning with 61.

That works fine and returns:
A call to:132265 will get forwarded to 0386419083 via iiNet

However, I just get an engaged tone when I try to call it.

If I dial 0386419083 it goes through (iinet) OK.

Any ideas? I think I'm missing something simple here! Thanks for any help.

PS Is there any way around having the extra rule to strip the 61 from the ENUM generated number?
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