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Originally Posted by necto View Post
We thing if provider agreed to use SIPBroker for outgoing calls then it should accept calls coming from SIPBroker community too.
I see your point. However, it's a "glass 1/2 full" vs "glass 1/2 empty" issue.

While the ideal is connection both directions, isn't it still better for the customers of these companies to at least be able to make VoIP to VoIP calls (i.e. use SIP Broker), than to have no access at all? So really all that is being done by cutting off providers from using SIP Broker for outbound (when they don't also add inbound service), would be to hurt the individuals using the service. And that just lowers overall connectivity, whereas SIP Broker's goal is to improve connectivity.

And remember, SIP Broker already lists the SIP Codes that are down/blocked. So individuals can already tell (if they choose to look) that a particular provider isn't accepting inbound calls. So there already is a way for anyone interested to tell that a given VoIP provider isn't "playing nice" with the rest of the community (and if they like, they are free to consider that info when making their purchasing decisions). And at some point in the future, we will also be removing (and eventually reusing for other providers) the SIP codes from providers that continually block inbound calls (because if the provider isn't allowing inbound anyway, what benefit is that SIP code providing the community?).

So even though I can see the desire to "punish" VoIP providers that don't allow inbounds, IMHO cutting off SIP Broker outbounds will really punish the individual VoIP users much more than it will punish the service provider. That's why I think things are better the way they currently are. After all, individual customers are still free to look at our list of providers, and (if inbound SIP Broker calling is important to them) avoid the providers that don't allow inbound SIP Broker calls. But at the same time we don't "punish" individual VoIP users (by cutting off SIP Broker outbound service), simply because some company chooses to block inbound service...
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