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If you are using our Public DID / PSTN Numbers then you need to buy a minimum of $10 Tpad VoIP Credit every month to activate the numbers (you can also spend this $10 on calls aswell).

You can then receive unlimited calls to your Tpad SIP number for FREE and it costs your friend just the price of a local call instead of an expensive international call.

How to use Tpad's Public DID / PSTN / Local Access / Break IN Numbers:
Business Telephone Systems - Tpad Country Local Break In Numbers

If you are using the FREE SIP Broker DID / PSTN Numbers then look at this: :: View topic - How to use Free SIP Broker DID Numbers with Tpad

Also, make sure you have entered Tpad's SIP Settings correctly:

Proxy server:
Outbound proxy server:
Account name/User name/SIP No. = Your Tpad Number e.g. 17XXXXX
Password/ Authentication ID = Your password which you created
SIP port: 5060 (or 8891 or 8791 or 80 if VoIP is blocked in your Area)
Codecs = G.711 (64kbps) G729 (8kbps)
STUN Setting (if audio / connection problems). Leave off. If problems, try with STUN on
Stun Server (if required) =


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