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Default CLI and account info


I've 2 questions:

1) the admin who originally setup our Asterisk server defined most of the config, and I'm backtracking his work.

In our sip.conf, theres a sipbroker account defined.

Now the fromuser= looks quite generic. Should fromuser= match the User ID I have defined on, or is it the same for everyone? As theres no password being set, I'm assuming its a global setting for all, but the FAQ seems to suggest its a unique account on sipbroker.

Using the working config, calls via sipbroker connect ok. If I change it to use my registered account, then I get circuit-busy messages instead.

2) When the calls do work, the CLI that is received seems to have its CallerID(NUM) changed to "sipbroker" (NAME stays the same). Is this setting this (advertising?)? Or is it something in the sip.conf file on the originating or destination server?

I'm continuing on my own with tests here, but I've not found much help in the FAQ I'm afraid.



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