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Question Clarification on Sipgate and Voxalot

I was hoping to be able to use Voxalot with Sipgate to having incoming phone calls forwarded to my U.S. cell phone.

Challenge 1 was just to get Sipgate to forward my inbound calls to the voxalot service. This seems a moot point now, because everything I've read says that sipgate won't do this.

Challenge 2 would be figuring out how to setup voxalot, possibly with some other service that would let me forward it to my cell phone or any other pstn phone.

Challenge 3 would be to setup the reverse so that I could also dial out using my prepaid minutes with sipgate, but that was a minor point, as I could also wait until I was back home where I had access to my SIP adapter.

So I'm presuming from what I've read that this isn't possible as a result of how Sipgate has things locked down. Are there any others services similar to voxalot that might work with sipgate?

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