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Originally Posted by Tranworld View Post
Cost aside, sending an SMS is way way faster then using GPRS to login and initiate a call back, then logout etc. quite onerous, and beside using SMS can reach a much wider user base, those who has simple GSM phone.

I would have thought something line sending a string with your account number and the serial number of the call back set up, overall just about 8 digits, what could possibly be faster?

SMS function would be nice for a callback system, sometimes when you are out and see a phone for example if i am in UK and want to call someone in Norway a sms function could be like this :

voxalot 334455 pin 6543 callback 0044xxxxxxxx. dial 0047xxxxxxxx

Text message sends to a voxalot database that makes a webcall

This way would be great because sometimes you want to call back home and by dialing the number from UK to Norway would cost a lot but is cheaper to call when you have a Betamax product registered with a voxalot account
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