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Thumbs down server down today...why no notice ?

This morning at 4am GMT (21/1/09) my SPA3102 could not register with the EU server. There was no information given as to why it was down nor was I sent an email about the outage. I confirmed that the US & AU servers were online by pinging them.

I am not very impressed with this after having spent my $25 only a few days ago to sign up.

Because I was waiting for urgent calls I decided to switch my server to the AU server as it had the best ping time for me compared with the US.

To do this I had to first unregester all of my five VSP accounts and then change the configuration in my ATA. What a hassle!

I have just come home and funnily enough the EU server is back online but I think this is very poor service on Voxalot's behalf.
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