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Originally Posted by Mew View Post
emoci, you are the best !!!

In my dial plan, I had :

_080[059]. -> Freephonie

I wanted all my calls to 0800 xx xx xx 0805 xx xx xx or 0809 xx xx xx were through Freephonie.

I just set enum lookup to "No" and it's now working !

But I don't understand what's exactly enum ? Why was I only having problems with this line ? Can I also have problems with other numbers ? Is it better to set everywhere to "No" ?

Thanks again !
ENum for people receiving calls:
It lets these people register a regular Phone Number and link it to SIP URI (a VoIP address). So instead of giving out a VoIP address they can give out their regular number.

ENum for people (like you in this case) making calls:
As long as you have a provider like VoXalot that performs ENum lookups, if a number has an ENum record your call to that number will be free since it is placed over the internet completely, instead of calling the number, VoXalot matches the number to the SIP URI directly.

VoXalot can do this automatically, it can check if ENum record exists, and only if it doesn't find one will it place the call with the normal provider (to be charged at the provider rate)

One other thing, ENum can do is that it has a list of companies that handle Toll Free calls, so ideally you can call Toll Free numbers in a bunch of countries directly from your VoXalot account or any ENum enabled service, without needing any actual providers like Freephone in your case.

The problem here is that the list of the Toll Free providers in the database is sometimes old, or some of the providers are down temporarily or have closed down for good.

The reality:
In order for ENum to do its stuff though, 3 things need to happen:

-People need to start adopting ENum (entering their number in the registry)
-Providers need to support ENum lookups (as youmay realize many VoIP providers don't like the idea of making calls for free when you could be paying them for the call)
-The registry needs to be kept up to date and ensure that the VoIP addresses linked to numbers are current

Also, some downsides are that if you are signing up a number for ENum, when a caller calls in using ENum, only the VoIP destination will ring (so the ATA/SoftPhone) not the actual real phone with that number, unless you have some form of call forwarding linked to the SIP URI to send calls to your actual phone...

Ideally ENum can tell your provider to stop trying at the SIP URI, and place a charged call via the regular route if your SIP URI sends a DND message (some providers interpret this, others don't)

To summarize:
ENum is ideally a great tool that if adopted by enough people could make it possible for anyone to call anyone else for completely free, while we are all still using the same phone numbers we use now.

In reality, currently ENum is relatively new, there are still some issues to be fixed and finally ensuring that the database info is up to date is hard work that costs money since you have toverify both SIP URIs and actual numbers...

I would suggest turning ENum lookup to NO for all your DIAL RULES until you are ready to play around with ENum. Turning it to NO will not affect how your calls are placed with the regular providers

In the meantime use SIPBroker - ENUM Lookup to find out if a number has and ENum record. Also use *013-Country Code-Number to manually force a call via ENum from your VoXalot acct...

Hope that explains enough to get you started.....

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