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Originally Posted by Mew View Post

I tried to call these numbers 0 800 xx xx xx and 03 89 xx xx xx from the line configured with Voxalot on my SPA 1001. But it has been impossible for some hours...

On my dial plan, these numbers are set to be called using this provider :

If I use the same provider directly on my ATA without using Voxalot, t's working.

My question is : Is there a problem for using through Voxalot ?


Were these numbers working before through VoXalot (registered with FreePhone), or is this the first time you try to use Freephone with VoXalot...?

The first thing to test, is go to Smart Call/ Dial Plan section and use the Test tool. Enter the numbers here exactly as you're dialing them and see if your Dial Plan is routing them properly...

Also ensure that FreePhone has the Active field set to yes

If routing is not the problem, than you may need to get in touch with either Martin or Craig so that they can take a look at the logs....however it is important to know if this was working before then it stopped, or if this is the first time you try?

Edit: If you are using the EU server there were some problems that should now be fixed

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