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Originally Posted by emoci View Post
Ok..., so you have an ATA registered with Gizmo then, I assume!!!!

Try getting a free VoXBasic account and registering that in your ATA, and see if you have the same issue ? (You may be able to isolate if it's a Gizmo/SipPhone issue or not)

Your ReInvite setting is the same as mine...(so that should be fine)

BTW, you tried just powercycling the ATA right (turn off, wait a bit, plug back in)
This freakin thing stopped working again. Yes it's a Gizmo number. emoci I took your advice and signed up with VoXbasic account well with this account gateway does not hangup but there is no audio. So there is some sort of problem because both accounts work SIP to SIP without any issues.
Cycled power on my ATA many times still no go.
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