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Default Still need help

Hi Martin,

Any idea about what else should I do to check this issue?

The tests I have already done:

1- On home network, hotel, airport, work and other networks
2- With X-Lite, SJ Phone, Talk Express and ATA endpoints
3- With and without STUN; with and without NAT handling of VoXalot

All tests have failed.

All discussion aside, the point is: incoming calls from PSTN are still dropped after something like 30 seconds. I still need your help.

Thanks a lot,


PS: I read the following page about Nat Types.
Network address translation - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
According to the definitions, except for Full Cone NAT, for all other cases a message from an external host can only go inside the network if an internal host had previously sent a message to the external host first. It matches with what I think is happening, because since July the ACK message comes from a different IP address of the INVITE message, forcing the stateful firewall drop the ACK message.
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