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Hello Martin,

Thank you for your response.

Concerning what you said

You need to fix your end point to accept the ACKs
unfortunately I can not agree with you. The reason is in everything we wrote on this thread until now. The endpoint (SIP Phone) would accept the ACKs if them arrived on it. But they do not arrive because of what is described some messages above. It does not depend on the end point configuration to work. For the ACK to arrive it is necessary to create some mappings on the firewall. This is simply impossible on public networks. If the ACK came from the same IP address of the INVITE, the ACK would arrive, because the mapping would be created dynamically by the stateful inspection firewall.

I also assure you that before the change occurred in July described at everything worked well.

I guess my point would be clear enough if you made a test on a public network, like airport or some hotel, where you do not have any administrator autonomy to change configuration.

Thank you once more. Regards,

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