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Default Please reconsider

Hi Martin,

Thank you again. Now at least I know that actually something changed on SipBroker/VoXalot configuration in July. Now there is a consistent explanation to the problem.

But the point is that the problem still exists for me and for all people that have the same scenario: home networks. This way you became VoXalot a service only for specialists that know how to configure a firewall. I guess you want to make the things easier so that any kind of user can subscribe and use the service smoothly.

What about when am I in a airport or hotel? Should I spoke to the Airport/Hotel Network Administrator: "Could you please create a static port forwarding to my IP address on your firewall so that I can receive incoming calls to my VoXalot number"?

What about the mobility?

What about when are there more than one endpoint on a private network? Most of the firewalls of these small routers does not support more than one static port forwarding to the same port (5060), but to different IP addresses.

I understood that you have made a change according to the RFC: nothing wrong. Nevertheless I believe that you fixed a small problem, but a bigger problem was created. The consequence is that many users like me now have problems on incoming calls from PSTN.

I humblely beg you to reconsider this decision. Sometimes I thought about to upgrade my account to premium, but with this problem is not worth.


André Silveira
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