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Originally Posted by juancarlos View Post
Does anyone know how to forward only calls received via sipbrokers PSTN gateways ? if there is a way ?
There's a process of cancellation setup that you can follow, but no specific way to set apart only calls from SipBroker gateways...

What do I mean, let's take an example:

I have incoming providers OrbTalk and Eutelia, but I can also be reached via any SipBroker Gateway, or directly VIA SIP URI...

By setting up provider rules 1 & 2 to handle OrbTalk and Eutelia and have them ring "My VoXalot Acct.", I can now have an any rule at priority 3 that will apply to everything else except OrbTalk and Eutelia, which pretty much leaves only SipBroker Gateway calls, and direct SIP URI calls...
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