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First of all, thank you for replying. I'm still learning about how SIP really works so please excuse me additional questions.

Originally Posted by martin View Post
You can use both. The domain is a more direct path though. As the clusters fully inter operate with each other any domain name will find the final destination.
I hope the above 2 answers address your question. In a nutshell any URI or SIP-Code can be used to reach any VoXaLot member. The only difference is that the more direct path will connect to the member a little quicker.

What exactly do you mean with "a more direct path"?

I did some tests (I like to find out things myself before annoying other people with questions :-)) where I use the SIP-client on my laptop and run "tcpdump" at the same moment to verify what really happens.

The I made a PSTN-call to the SIP dail-in number here in Belgium ( and made a call to *010<my-number> and *031<my-number>

In both cases, I got the same thing:
- a SIP-message from telling me that there is an incoming call
- an outgoing UDP-flow from my client to for the voice-call.

Now, of course, I cannot see what happened earlier. I don't know what happened in the earlier stages when I made the call to *010...

But can I assume that the difference is only in the "control" part (i.e. the exchange of packets to do the call-setup); but that for the call itself it does not make any difference at all.

Is the situation any different if I would configure my client to use "strickt outbound proxy"?

Again, I'm sorry for the question. I'm still trying to really understand how SIP works "under the hood".

Cheerio! Kr. Bonne.
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